Let’s say you’ve been needing new gutters for a while now and you decide to hire professionals to replace them. That’s wonderful! Now you get to plan ahead on how you will be taking care of your new gutters and preventing a quick replacement. Many people turn to gutter guards! Here are few myths we would like to bust about gutter guards.

Myth: If you don’t have trees, you don’t need gutter protection.

Truth: Actually, other problems can come clog your gutter, even when you don’t have any foliage around. For example, storm debris such as dirt, twigs, and even nests can blow into your gutters! You might also get some pests looking for a cozy place to stay, so keep an eye out.

Myth: Installing a gutter guard underneath my roof shouldn’t be a problem.

Truth: Wrong! Be careful. If you disturb your shingles after they have been installed, many roofers will void your warranty! The last thing you want is a damaged roof that you have to pay for. Also, installing gutter guards under your shingles can cause a severe slope which can make the water runoff more severe and damaging.

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Whether you choose a gutter guard or not, we hope you choose us, your Nashville gutter professionals, to install your new ones. Keep an eye out for old gutters and make sure you clean yours regularly. A gutter guard can help you minimize how often you need to give your gutters a thorough cleaning, but it can’t guarantee gutters that live forever. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your gutter needs!