Sparks Roofing is dedicated to providing our commercial customers with quality workmanship. We use the best materials available, attention to detail and following through to the end of each project is what sets us apart from other commercial roofers in Tennessee. From repairs to the roofs of commercial buildings, updating a roofing system or installing a roof on a new building we can meet the needs of our customers with several different options.  Call us to set up a free consultation.

Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Commercial roofing systems come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  During your free consultation one of our associates will make sure that your project is getting the roofing system that best meets your needs. Sparks Roofing is knowledgeable in EPDM, TPO, PVC and metal applications for your business’s roof.  Our associates can help you make an informed decision when it comes to roofing your commercial property.

Metal roofs are a smart choice for commercial buildings for three reasons: they’re incredibly durable, they’re able to withstand the severe weather, and they’re extremely energy efficient. These qualities are important to our commercial customers because they help to lower expenses, reduce insurance costs, and slash energy bills. Stop worrying about roof repair, and let us help you focus on the more important parts of running your business.

Today’s modern metal roofing systems aren’t like what you may have seen on old barns or warehouses. Modern metal roofing often utilizes a standing seam, which means a raised interlocking seam joins one panel to the next. This provides greater protection and durability meaning better, long-lasting value.

Check out our Metal Roofing FAQs page to learn more about the wide variety of metal roofing systems we offer, or contact us to find out if a metal roof is right for your building.