Your gutters may be giving you grief, but how do you know when they just need basic repair or when they need to be replaced entirely? Read on for answers!

What signs should I look for before replacing my gutters?

If your gutters have sprung leaks in the corners, that might be your first sign. Also, be sure to check for water stains or rust in metal gutters. Rust is a definite sign that you need replacements. If you find that the gutters are no longer hanging level, it might also be time for a replacement. Gutters are also made to be secured to your roof, so if you see that water is dripping from the back of the gutters, something is no longer attached correctly.

When do my gutters need to be cleaned instead of replaced?

Gutters typically last a lot longer than people expect, so it’s important to know when they just need a good cleaning. First and foremost, we recommend cleaning your gutters at least annually. If you have trees on your Nashville property, you may need to up that to twice annually. Gutters last a long time when made with the proper materials and when properly installed, so make sure that you contact a professional to tell you whether you need your gutters repaired or replaced.

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