There’s no doubt about it, owning a home is a huge responsibility. In order to protect your investment, regular attention to and maintenance of your house’s exterior is imperative. When neglected, even small details can turn into big problems. Nobody knows this better than the professionals of Sparks Roofing, where we see and work on homes from Nashville to Clarksville whose exterior has been ignored for far too long. The good news is, a little regular maintenance throughout the year can go a long way in preventing serious issues from developing further down the road. Here are some things that every homeowner must do on a regular basis.

Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Unless you have installed gutter guards, your home’s gutters will collect sticks, leaves, and other debris throughout the year. Without cleaning your gutters and spouts out every spring and fall, rainwater that falls on your roof cannot be efficiently carried away. Backed-up gutters can result in water getting under your shingles and into your attic where it could cause damage to your ceilings and promote mold growth. Water spilling over your gutters instead of being carried away by downspouts can also cause serious problems for your home’s foundation.

Painting Trim & Fascia Boards

With so many different siding options available these days, you may not realize that your home does in fact require paint in certain places, specifically wherever there is exposed wood. Fascia boards, trim around windows, and other areas need to be painted not just for appearance, but because the paint seals the wood and protects it against exposure to the elements. Wood with chipped or flaking paint should be scraped and repainted as soon as possible to prevent rotting.

Window Caulking

It is important to inspect the exterior caulking around all of your home’s windows at least once a year. Caulk can deteriorate over time, and when left unchecked, can compromise the seal that prevents air exchange. Without it, it is much more difficult and expensive to maintain an optimum indoor temperature, leading to higher energy bills, chilly drafts, and condensation formation on the glass. And if rainwater finds its way into your window frames, the rotting wood that results could lead to an extremely costly repair job.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to keep your Nashville area home warm, dry, and safe. For bigger jobs like a roof replacement, repair, or upgrade, save yourself the headache and contact Sparks Roofing to make sure that the job gets done right!