In our previous blog post, Reasons Your Roof is Leaking – Part 1, we discussed six different problems that can cause your roof to let water pass into your home. Today, we would like to share a few more problems that need immediate attention in order to save your roof and your home from water damage. Of course, whenever your Nashville roofing or gutters need assistance, the professionals at Sparks Roofing are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you!

Your Gutters are Clogged

While you may not be able to see the leaves and other debris trapped in your gutters from looking up at them from your yard, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a clog! If you notice water dripping out of a downspout during a storm, however, that definitely indicates that your gutters may be clogged. Your gutters’ purpose is to help water safely travel away from your roof. Once a clog gets in the way, this rainwater will pool in one area of the roof and be more likely to seep through the cracks and into your home. The good news is, this is an easy fix! Just hop on a ladder and clean out the gutters.

Your Chimney is Cracked

You will usually be able to see any damage along the mud cap (the mortared area) around the top of the chimney. If not, check for any holes in the joints where the chimney connects to the roof. Loose flashing or shingles surrounding your chimney could also be the problem! The mortar that connects your chimney to your roof is easily damaged in harsh weather conditions, so this may just be a little wear and tear. The solution is to seal up the missing mortar.

You Have Condensation in Your Attic

The leak may be going into your attic without you noticing. Check for signs of mold growth or mildew. A good indicator of moisture getting into your attic is if you detect a musty odor coming from the attic entrance. This happens when the temperature of the attic is much different than the temperature outside. This can lead to condensation forming and leaving moisture behind when it is not wanted.

You Go onto Your Roof Too Much

Unfortunately, your roof might not be as strong as you think. That’s why you should limit how often you go out onto your roof. Many roofing materials are fairly fragile, so stepping on them frequently can lead to problems. In order to prevent any accidental breakage, be sure to contact a professional roofer to do the fixes.

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