It’s almost summer here in Tennessee, which means that our gutters are finally getting a break. Summer means there is less rain, and the days are usually hotter and drier than they are the other three seasons of the year. This means that it is the perfect time to take a look at your gutters and address any issues there might be before the rain hits again and debris begins blowing your way once fall rolls around. Here are some of the top ways you can check on your gutters and note anything that may be wrong:

Remove Debris

You can’t check your gutters unless you can see them fully, so make sure to clear out any debris that may be lingering behind. Leaves, twigs, and other debris like to find their way into our gutters, so be sure to throw on some gloves and scoop out any gutter contents to dispose of. Make sure to get as much of it as possible; otherwise, the buildup might be too much to handle and can lead to damage later down the road.

Remove Nests

Your gutter seems like the perfect place to make a home for some birds. After all, it’s high in the air and rarely approached by humans. However, by the summertime, any nesting birds will have left. You can check any nests for life, and if they are empty, you can remove it from the gutter. Otherwise, you can call an animal control business to help you know what to do next. Check for wasp nests as well, as this will require you to call a pest control company for assistance.

Clean the Gutters

Simply scooping out the debris is not enough to thoroughly check on the health of your gutters! You also need to use a scrub brush and a gentle soap to clean the gutters. As you scrub the moss, algae, and mold away, keep an eye out for rough areas that are worse than others. These spots might indicate a drainage issue if there is a lot of buildup.

Check for Damage

Once you are done cleaning the gutters, look for rusted areas, any holes that may need to be repaired, or any other irregularities in your gutters. Any area that is sagging should be moved upward with some pliers. Feel free to write down any sections you noticed that may have holes or simply be rusty. Those are the places that need to be patched or possible replaced.

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