1. The Biggest Advantages To Installing A Steel Roof

    Do you need a new roof for your home or business? Which material will you use? It can be a tough decision on which roofing material to use for your building. You want reliability, aesthetically pleasing, and a budget-friendly option. You may be asking yourself: is it even possible to find a roofing material that has all those attributes? At Sparks Roofing, we want to give you a resounding yes! As …Read More

  2. 6 Tips To Find The Best Local Roofers In Nashville

    Does your roof need repair? Do you want a completely new roof installed on your home? It can be tough to find the best local roofers in Nashville. You have to call multiple roofing contractors, find references, ask for referrals, and more. After you do your due diligence, you’re probably exhausted. Does it really take this much work just to find a roofing company to install a new roof on your ho…Read More

  3. How To Determine If Your Metal Roof Needs Repair

    At Sparks Roofing, we’re all too aware of homeowners who stand in their yard, looking up at their metal roof, and wondering if they need a repair or not. The next thought that typically dawns upon them is the cost of a metal roofing repair — especially now, when their financials are kinda tight. We understand, and we’re here to help. It’s important that you consider a roof inspection at le…Read More

  4. How To Avoid Nightmare Roofing Contractors

    The cost of a new roof can be slightly daunting. It’s a big investment to trust to a professional you don’t even know. You’ve probably heard of roofing contractor nightmares from friends, family, or colleagues. So how do you avoid the horror that are unprofessional roofers in Nashville? The process is relatively simple, and we’re going to share it with you today in this blog post. At Spark…Read More

  5. 9 Secrets About Metal Roofing You Didn’t Know

    Does your Clarksville home need a new roof? At Sparks Roofing, we believe metal is one of the best materials to choose for a new roof. It offers longevity, durability, and affordability many other traditional materials can’t offer. If you’re ready to discuss your roofing project, give us a call today! Nine Secrets About Metal Roofing When you’re looking for a new roof, it can be tough to fin…Read More

  6. Why You Should Choose Standing Seam Metal Roofing

    Do you need a new roof? Have you decided you want a metal roof for your home? When you start searching for a roofer in Clarksville, remember to look for quality and commitment first. There’s nothing worse than hiring a roofer who doesn’t do quality work and abandons the job before it’s finished. Sparks Roofing is proud to offer standing seam roofing to the Clarksville residents at a great pr…Read More

  7. The 5 Most Common Roofing Problems In Nashville

    As a homeowner, it’s easy to get caught up in the number of home repair projects you need to finish on your home. The upstairs bedroom needs new paint. The kitchen sink links. Your air-conditioner has started making some concerning noises. While we often think internally when thinking about remedying home problems, we often forget the problems on the exteriors of our homes. Sparks Roofing has wo…Read More

  8. Classic Southern Architecture Styles

    The American South has always done things a little differently. We move a little slower, we’re a little more polite, and we like our homes to look a certain way. Yes, architecture in the South is just as unique as the people living there. Sparks Roofing has worked on a wide variety of roofs on a wide variety of homes. From quaint ranch style homes to stately Plantation styles, we’ve seen it al…Read More

  9. Your Guide To Roof Shapes

    Architecture is rife with terms, phrases, and jargon. It can be a little dizzying sometimes. Often, when we get a call from a new client and we ask about the shape of the roof, they respond with general statements like “it’s pointy?” or “kinda like a bunch of stacked triangles.” While we often know exactly which pointy triangle roof form you’re talking about, we here at Sparks Roofing …Read More

  10. Cleaning Your Gutters

    A few times a year, Nashville residents haul the ladders, buckets, trowels, and even rakes out of their garages and ascend up the side of their houses and go about the arduous task of cleaning their gutters. It’s a task that few enjoy doing. It’s time-consuming, it’s dirty, and even dangerous if done haphazardly. But the reality is that it is a vital part of home ownership. As Nashville’s …Read More