Gutters are the silent savior of your home. You might forget that they’re there until they start to cause you problems. When it’s time for you to perform the mundane chore of cleaning out your gutters, you may start to ponder if gutters really matter all that much. We at Sparks Roofing are here to tell you that, yes, your gutters matter! If you want your gutters replaced, be sure to contact us today for a price estimate.

What do gutters really do?

Gutters protect your home by gathering the rainwater that drips off your roof and directs it away from the house. While this may seem like a small and simple job, it’s actually quite important. Without your gutters, water could gather at the base of your home and cause structural damage. The wood on your home could rot, and your siding may be damaged in the process. This gathering of water could also lead to dampness in your basement, if not flooding and mold as well. If that isn’t enough, you could also experience lawn erosion or cracks in your sidewalks and driveways without gutters to keep your property protected.

What are the types of gutters?

Gutters can be made from a myriad of materials, so whatever you decide you want for your home will likely be available. Many people choose from vinyl and aluminum first and foremost, since these materials are the least expensive. Neither of them will rust and they are both easy to install. However, aluminum does tend to have the upper hand since it won’t eventually become brittle after prolonged sun exposure. For those of you with a bigger budget for your gutters, you can always look into zinc and copper gutters. These materials are weather-resistant, require no finish, and they are easy to maintain.

You can always consider gutter guards as well. These guards are designed for those of you who hate cleaning out your gutters. They work by allowing water to flow into your gutters while catching the leaves and other debris. This means that the gutter cleaning process is basically eliminated! If you dread cleaning your gutters, a gutter guard might be a worthwhile investment for your Clarksville home.

Keeping an eye on your gutters

If you aren’t ready to get new gutters installed just yet, make sure to keep an eye on the status of your gutters while you clean them. If you notice any damaged spots, loose areas, rust, or any other issues, it’s time to call the professionals at Sparks Roofing to replace your gutters. Also, unless you have gutter guards, it’s crucial that you clean your gutters twice per year. Build up of debris and leaves can lead to clogs and overflow, as well as create a breeding ground for pests and insects.

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