Spring is upon us, and for many people, that means shaping up and repairing their Clarksville homes. The warmer weather makes this the perfect time to get out and start working on your home’s exterior! We’ve compiled a list of the best spring cleaning tasks for the outside of your home. Read on to learn more!

Pressure Washing

A pressure washer is a perfect tool to clean any stubborn stains on the siding of your home. Just be cautious, as these washers can sometimes damage any softer materials, such as wood. Adding detergent to a pressure washer’s reservoir is a great way to get your cleaning project done even quicker. However, only choose cleaners that have been made to be added to pressure washers! Also, be careful of your gutters; you don’t want to knock them loose.

Repair Your Driveway

You may have seen some damage as time has gone on to your driveway. Start by removing any grass or weeds that have popped up in the cracks of your driveway or sidewalk. Next, use a pressure washer to remove any dirt that might get trapped. Then, you can patch any cracks you might find with a concrete resurfacer. As a final touch, you can apply a coat of latex asphalt sealer to make sure the area looks like new!

Clean Your Deck

Clarksville decks tend to see a lot of dirt and grime from the elements, so make sure you are keeping a regular cleaning schedule to keep it looking nice. You can do this with a special deck cleaning formula; these typically require time to sit on the deck. Once it has had time to set and work, you can use that pressure washer again to keep the area clean. However, if you are worried about the wood, feel free to use a long-handled scrub brush. Then, rinse the deck, allow it to dry, and apply a sealer or stain to keep the area refinished.

Repair Your Roof

Your roof might be damaged after the year that has gone by! Check for any missing shingles, damaged shingles, or leaks. While some issues can be sealed with basic patching and roof cement, others will require professionals. Sparks Roofing would be happy to help and let you know exactly what you need to keep your roof in top condition.

Clean and Repair Your Gutters

Your gutters have done a lot of work this past year with the rainfall and catching any debris that may have blown on the roof. Clean out those gutters, and keep an eye on any leaks. You may be in need of gutter replacement or repair if you notice any obvious problems! Of course, you might just want to invest in some gutter guards to make the next gutter cleaning easier and much lower maintenance. We can help you there!

Gutter and Roofing Pros at Sparks Roofing

Let our team of professionals take care of the gutters and roofing on your home. Sparks Roofing is here to help you as you spring clean your home and improve the strength of your gutters and roofing. Contact us today to learn more!