If you are looking for a team you can trust for your roofing project, it’s best to look in the area! Your friends, family members, and neighbors are a great source for referrals when it comes to contractors. While this is a great place to start, that isn’t all you should do as far as research. Having at least three possible choices can help you narrow down your decision and help you feel more confident in who you choose in the end. Take a look at the following resources to help you:

  • Better Business Bureau: Any formal complaints against the individual or the company you are trying to work with will likely show up on the BBB. However, if there are complaints, don’t let that stop you from choosing that company. Even great contractors will have mishaps that have little to do with their quality of work. Instead, see if the dispute has been resolved. This means that the contractor did everything they could to make the situation right.
  • Angie’s List, Yelp, Craigslist, Consumers’ Checkbook reviews: Just about everyone who has worked with a contractor makes it a point to leave an online review. You can find information about their quality of work and their reliability just from browsing some online review platforms. However, don’t just look at one site. Viewing several will give you a more rounded view of what you can expect.
  • Hardware store manager: Most of the local business people who serve in the construction industry likely know who has the best reputation in town. It’s never a bad idea to ask about their experiences!
  • Referrals: You can always ask your contractor to provide you with referrals from previous jobs. You may even be able to contact the homeowners where they built the new roof and ask how the process went.

While reviews are a great place to turn, take the ones you see online with a grain of salt. Some companies will purposefully leave negative reviews on a competitor’s site just to hurt their reputation. Other times, companies will hire people they have never worked with and pay them to leave glowing reviews. That’s why it helps to speak to people directly and see the contractor’s work firsthand.

Websites like Angie’s List and Yelp routinely go above and beyond to make sure that every review left behind is authentic. Angie’s List actually checks for suspicious review patterns! Regardless of where you turn, we just recommend that you check several different review sites before finalizing your decision. Also, take any extreme reviews without too much thought. Reviews that say things like “best experience of my entire life” are just as suspicious as ones that say “never let these people onto your property.”

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