Many people these days are looking for new ways to make their homes more environmentally friendly. This is great news for the environment, but it’s also incredible news for our wallets when trying to save on those utility bills. Today, we at Sparks Roofing are going to share some of the top actions you can take to start saving both the environment and your bank account. Read on to learn more, and contact us if you are ready to work with Nashville’s premier metal roof contractors!

An Energy Efficiency Audit

What is causing energy issues in one home might be totally fine in the next. Before you can be sure which steps will help your home become more energy efficient, you will need to know where you stand right now. In an energy audit, professionals can enter your home and inspect where issues could be situated. This includes damaged window frames, drafty attics, and damaged roofs. Once you find out what parts of your home need more attention, you can begin taking steps to fix it.

Sealing Leaks

Any cracks or leaks that are allowing cold air to slip into your home will not help your heating costs! Seal them up or consider replacement if budget allows. Most of the time, these leaks pop up around your doors and windows, but your attic and basement are not immune. Check these spots every year, as well.

Insulate Upstairs

Adding insulation to your home can help you keep the temperature comfortable and stable throughout the whole year. In fact, about half of the homes in the United States are not insulated enough. This means that heat easily escapes in the winter, and cold air just isn’t staying where it should in the summer. Implement some extra insulation in the attic and upstairs area to ensure that all living spaces remain comfortable.

Seal the Ducts

If you have a forced-air heating and cooling system (most people do), then your ducts carry cold or warm air to various parts of the home. However, about a fifth of this air slips out through leaks in these ducts. Tackle this problem head-on by using duct sealant. This will repair leaks in any exposed ducts in your home.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

While it might seem like a small addition to your home, these devices could save you about 10 percent on your heating and cooling bills each season. They pay for themselves after just a few months help you save money you didn’t know you could save in the months following. You can program your home’s temperature to be a little lower when you’re not home in the winter months and have it adjust when you come home.

Replace Old Windows with New Ones

While your old windows probably still look lovely, they are likely leaking cold air from the outdoors into your home, driving up those heating bills. By replacing these old windows with high-efficiency models, you can help make your home more environmentally friendly and lower your overall heating bill.

Use Energy-Efficient Doors

Some doors are more energy-efficient than others. For example, if you are hoping to save money and the environment, a hollow metal door isn’t going to cut it. Any kind of hollow door is a bad idea, as the air just infiltrates right through. A metal one is even worse, as these doors quickly absorb heat but do not retain it.

Add Storm Windows

If you cannot afford a full window replacement just yet, don’t worry. You can consider installing storm windows instead. Those with interior windows that are still in good shape can use storm windows to quickly increase energy efficiency without pulling out the current windows.

High-Efficiency Water Heaters Help

Much of your home energy bill costs come from your use of hot water! In fact, water heating makes up from anywhere between 15 to 25 percent of your energy usage each year. By finding a water heater that works efficiently, you can save much of that energy and the money that it would have cost you to heat water with a less efficient system.

Consider a Metal Roofing Installation

Did you know that metal roofing can actually help you save money? While the upfront costs are a bit more than a simple shingled roof, a metal roof can save you tons of money each and every year when it comes to energy costs. Instead of absorbing the heat from the sun, the shingles reflect the UV rays and keep the interior of your home cool. Also, the materials themselves last for years to come. While shingles need to be disposed of once that roof has passed its lifespan, metal roofing and shingles can be made from recycled materials. With stronger shingles and more durability than any other roof, this is the obvious choice.

If you would like to learn more from our metal roof contractors, contact us today.