Cloudy sky with metal roof

Whether you’re moving to a new house or replacing your roofing, the type of material you choose for your roofing plays an essential role in the overall look, cost, and performance of your new roof. Metal roofing Clarksville is becoming an increasingly popular and successful solution. Here’s why you should go for metal roofing for your home: 


Value for Money

The lifespan of our metal roofs in Nashville can be up to 3 or 4 times longer than asphalt shingled roofs, and they require less maintenance. We utilize a mixed metallic coating that prevents natural rust formation and retains a fresh shine. 

This not only lowers the amount of maintenance but eliminates the hassle of calling out experts to complete the work. Don’t let the initial price steer you away; there are numerous benefits that metal roofing can bring back your home and beyond.  


A Hassle-Free Experience

Some things in life are worth the money. Nobody wants to complicate things further by using a material that is hard to install. Metal materials are far easier to install than the alternatives present in the market.

Our metal roofs are up to 30% lighter than asphalt and primarily made from recycled materials. The more lightweight material often means less work is required on the construction. Metal roofing is relatively new in the market. It’s not just any kind of roofing and will be a bit pricier than traditional roofing. 


Metal Roofs Are Environmental Friendly

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly. It is one of the most eco-conscious roofing materials. The recycled content of the steel making up your metal roof is around 30%, and once it’s time for a brand-new roof, it’s entirely recyclable. About 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into landfills within the U.S. each year. 

Because metal roofs are often built over asphalt shingles, installing a metal roof doesn’t contribute to the current waste. From environmentally conscious home benefits, reduced maintenance and repair costs, lower energy bills, and more, metal roofing is a fantastic choice for homeowners.


Nashville Gutter Services

Metal roofing Nashville knows the way to keep your home dry and guarded with adeptly installed gutters and gutter guards. We work effortlessly, use nothing but the simplest materials available, and offer fair pricing on all of our roofing and guttering services. 

Don’t wait for a leaky gutter to become a much bigger problem; nip it within the bud with Sparks Roofing.  In spring or fall, house owners from Clarksville to Nashville take out their ladders and begin the tedious task of cleaning out all of the leaves, branches, and debris from their house’s gutters.



Sparks roofing is known to be the best provider of roofing and gutter services in Nashville. We consist of a team of high-quality workers, and our clients love the way we work on their houses and businesses. Call us today to get the best quote!