What is roof flashing? And what does it have to do with your roof? If you don’t know what roof flashing is, rest easy, you are definitely not alone. This is one of the top questions that our metal roofing professionals in Nashville get asked all of the time. While you are able to get the answer by doing a quick Google search, you can get more accurate information by turning to the roofing professionals near you. Sparks Roofing in Springfield is here to put our expertise to work so you not only get all of your questions answered but feel comfortable and confident that your roof is being constructed with the utmost care and integrity. Keep reading to learn more, and for more inquiries about what we do, reach out to our team today.

What is Roof Flashing?

Simply put, roof flashing is a roll of thin metal that is resistant to moisture and other weather conditions, like high levels of wind. It is typically made of copper, aluminum, or galvanized sheet metal, and plays an integral role in preventing leaks in your roof. Flashing acts as a seal between the roof joints, efficiently keeping water out and preventing mold. Roof flashing helps close a joint in walls, or roofing applications to keep water from seeping into the materials used in construction. Flashing is important because it can prevent a number of problems that come from water leaking into places you simply don’t want it to.


Why is Roof Flashing Important?

Basically, roofs are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home because they are exposed to the elements on a constant basis, and bear the burden of protecting you, your family, and everything inside. There are certain parts of the roof that tend to be more vulnerable to water damage and leaks, and flashing can serve as an extra layer of protection, especially in areas like skylight perimeters, chimneys, and roof valleys. Any area of the roof in which two surfaces are coming together to meet, water runoff is likely to be heavier, which is why secure and effective flashing is so important. 


How it Works

It works by collecting pooling water and directing it away from the location. That is how nearly every piece of flashing works, no matter where it is located around your home — it just does the job in different ways depending on the situation. 



Valleys are the places where two roof decks slope toward one another, creating a low line that looks like a valley between two mountains. In a valley, the piece of metal flashing is installed underneath the shingles of the roof at the edges and runs down to a nearby gutter. As water drips down the shingles into the valley, it flows freely down the sheet metal to the gutter or further down the roof. The weak point of the two connecting roof sections is strengthened and kept from leaking through the solid piece of metal. 



Penetrations like chimneys, vents, skylights, and dormers are the more complicated features when it comes to flashing. Each feature requires a unique set of materials and installation techniques to provide a water-tight seal.  Flashing is now used to stop the issue effectively. Pieces of metal are installed in between shingle courses all along the chimney, and flashing is mortared right into the chimney itself to create a water-tight barrier. 


Drip Edge

Along your roof’s edge, drip edge flashing is necessary to prevent water from an overfilled gutter from pushing its way up the edge of the roof underneath the shingles. Without drip edge, your roof deck, and perhaps even your drywall, can become damaged by water seeping in through your shingles. 


Common Areas for Leaks

The roof areas that have the highest risk for leaks include the valleys and locations where pipes penetrate the roof surface. The best solution to prevent leaks in these areas is to use asphalt roofing cement to seal and keep water out. It is also important to ensure that pipes have the proper vent pipe flashing to stop leaks in areas of vulnerability. 

Flashing that is damaged also poses another risk for roof leaks. Because it is regularly exposed to the elements, flashing will experience some wear and tear over time, and won’t be able to keep your roof and your home safe without proper upkeep, repair, or replacement.

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