We at Sparks Roofing know how expensive it can be to maintain a Clarksville home and keep everything in tip-top shape. For those of you who are good with your hands, you may think that fixing your roof on your own is an excellent choice to help save a little cash. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Attempting to repair your own roof can lead to a myriad of problems that may be more expensive than paying for the repair up front. Here are a few reasons why you should never try to fix your roof without the help of a professional:

It’s Physically Difficult

Your Clarksville roof is probably not flat, which means you would need to be prepared to work on a slanted surface. Obviously, you’ll be up much higher off the ground than you are accustomed to, and that can be stressful for those who are not used to working at elevated heights. Whatever the weather conditions, whether they be extreme sun exposure or strong winds, you will likely not feel very comfortable.

Roofing is Not Predictable

Our professional roofers are accustomed to working on all types of roofs and repairing them. If you aren’t certain what sort of roof you have and what it needs to be repaired fully, you may end up making a very simple problem much worse. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to roof repair, so it’s always wisest to ask for help from a professional who is used to analyzing the roof and making the best repair decision from there.

DIY Can be Expensive

Believe it or not, DIY projects like roof repair tend to cost more money. Why is that? Well, many folks buy more materials than they really need because they aren’t sure what the problem is in the first place. Also, most DIY projects we see appear to work perfectly when first completed, but usually one storm later, it needs replacing again. Even if you began the DIY project without much of an upfront cost, it can still create a mess of the roof shingles and cause the tiles to damage other pieces of property in the event of a storm. This creates quite a follow-up cost.

DIY is not Safe

If you have not been trained properly on how to move across a roof and stay safe on a ladder, the chances of you falling and getting injured are pretty high. Even if you have decent balance and a good ladder, you need to keep in mind all the tools and supplies you would need to carry to the roof in order to perform the repair.

DIY is not Insured

When our Clarksville roofers come to your home to perform a repair, we make it clear that we are insured. However, if you injure yourself while trying to fix your roof, your insurance company will not cover it. If you were to injure someone else in the process, that can lead to a lawsuit! Our employees are all insured, so if something happens, it won’t be on you.

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