When we get rain in Clarksville, it’s fair to assume that your roof will protect your home. After all, it protects your house from direct sunlight, wind, and the elements in general! However, for many people, a rainy day also means a leaky roof. If you aren’t sure why your roof is leaking, it’s time to contact Sparks Roofing in Clarksville!

Your Flashing Might be Cracked

Your flashing is made from thin pieces of metal that have been installed underneath the shingles of your roof. It creates a water-resistant barrier that protects your home from leaks. These barriers may be hidden, but they may also become exposed. You can tell if your flashing is exposed because it looks like a long run of sheet metal. Flashing that has cracked will look that way!

So, why does this happen? Roofers use tar to seal flashing, but even the tar can corrode as time passes. If your flashing has been exposed, then any inclement weather could cause the flashing to crack, leading to leaks.

Your Shingles Might be Broken

You’ll be able to see any broken shingles from the ground level if they are that severely damaged. Your shingles are the outermost layer of your roof, so you’ll be able to see the patches of differently colored spots when the shingles have gone missing. Even if you don’t find these missing spots on your roof, you might be able to spot some shingles scattered around your yard after a particularly nasty storm.

Your Valleys Aren’t Fully Sealed

The valleys of your roofing are the spots where two planes of your roof connect. Oftentimes, since these portions of your roof are slanted, the valleys may not be sealed correctly. If they aren’t, rainwater can slip inside and create wet spots on the seams of your roof.

Why does it happen? Usually, issues with valleys mean that the previous roofers did not do an adequate job, or they have cracked when someone stepped on it. Rain can also cause damages over a longer period of time.

Your Vent Booting Might be Cracked

Your roof vents are the small pipe-looking things that poke out the top of your roof, and their purpose is to push out any extra moisture from the inside of your home. If these are cracked, then you will see dark spots and mustiness.

Why does it happen? Roof vents are usually sealed with flashing. As with all flashing, it can become damaged over time or the roof can decay, leading to the vent booting cracks.

Your Skylights were not Installed Properly

If you put in skylights into your roof, especially after the house was already built, then they may have been installed incorrectly. You will notice leaks coming from the skylights or wet spots surrounding them. However, this means that there are a few possible problems. For example, the flashing around the skylight may be damaged, or it could be an issue with the window frame or the window pane itself.

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In our next blog post, we will discuss more reasons why your roof may be leaking, as well as who can call when these problems arise. Sparks Roofing is your number one choice when it comes to roof replacement for your Clarksville home. Every job we do is a job well done, and we promise to complete your roof with the utmost attention to detail and perfection. Contact us today and let us know what the trouble seems to be with your roof. We are happy to offer free roofing estimates to anyone who is interested, so make sure to call us today to get started.