When something happens to your roof that demands immediate attention, you might be wondering if your insurance will help you out. As you probably know, there are quite a few stipulations and regulations when it comes to getting an insurance company to pay for your roof repairs. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about roof claims and be sure to call your Clarksville roofing professionals at Sparks Roofing today!

If a recent hail storm damaged my car, how much damage did it do to my roof? Will insurance cover this damage?

That depends! Oftentimes, if hail is strong enough to damage your car, it definitely could have taken its toll on your roof. Hail can loosen and knock granules off of your shingles; these granules have a tendency to gather in the gutters or areas beneath your eaves. What’s left behind on your shingles is usually some sort or round or crescent shaped indentation. You can also expect there to be some dents to the flashing, vent stacks, and ridge vents of your roof. The good new is that many insurance policies cover this sort of damage!

How can I tell if I have a viable roof damage claim?

Your roof is not always easy to inspect, which is why it is so challenging to know what sort of damage there may be. Look for darkened spots on your roof, any loose shingles, and granules that have been knocked off. From the inside, keep an eye out for water spots and stains on the walls and in corners. Always mention these things to your insurance company, as an adjuster may deny your request for a replacement without a thorough investigation.

A storm blew shingles off part of my roof, and the weather forecast says more rain is coming. Should I protect my roof somehow?

If possible, yes! Many insurance companies require you to do your best to prevent further damage. Do everything you can to protect your roof, as well as the inside of your home. If you don’t, you might not be able to collect a settlement for your roofing claim. Check your insurance policy to be sure of everything you need to do.

A recent hail storm damaged my roof, but I don’t know if this damage will lead to leaks. Should I file a claim for roof damage?

Yes, you should. If your roof is made from asphalt, then any inclement weather involving snow or rain will remove loosened granules and cause a leak in the future. We definitely recommend that you file a claim as soon as possible!

My insurance claim for my roofing was denied, but my roof is leaking! The adjuster didn’t even get on the roof to check it. Could a public adjuster correct this denied claim and get it approved?

If there is damage in or around your roof, the actual source could be far from the leak itself. That’s why your entire roof needs to be inspected by the insurance company claim adjuster. Get a second opinion from a public adjuster if your claim has been denied!

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Getting your roof repaired through your insurance doesn’t have to be impossible, but it definitely helps to know what to expect. Not every claim gets approved, so be prepared to move forward and respond if your claim should be denied. When you have difficulty with your roof, be sure to call the Clarksville roofing professionals you can trust at Sparks Roofing. We would be happy to work with you to make any repairs or perform roof replacements as needed. Contact us today to learn more about our services!