As much as we would like to believe that our roofing will last forever, that isn’t the case. All roofs wear out and need to be replaced eventually; the trouble is knowing when the perfect time is to replace your roof. If you decide to replace your roof too soon, you’ll waste money on a roof that was in perfectly good shape before. However, if you wait too long to have the new roof installed, it can lead to leaks and severe damage. In order to time your repairs and replacement perfectly, you need to be able to check out the condition of your roof and know what to look for when it comes to roof failure.

Be on the Lookout for Early Signs of a Roof Leak

We know how hard it can be to remember to check on the status of your roof, but even checking it once a year can be extremely beneficial when it comes to staying on top of your roof’s security. The earlier signs of problems can be dark areas on your ceilings, paint that has begun to peel on the underside of your roof overhangs, wet spots near your fireplace, or even water stains appearing on the pipes venting the water heater or your furnace. From the outside, you can tell the condition of your roof with binoculars (even if it feels silly!). Check for cracked caulk, rust spots on the flashing, any shingles that might be curling, or worn out areas around your chimney and pipes.

When you clean your gutters, do you find piles of grit from the asphalt on your roof? This is usually a bad sign, as the granules are in charge of preventing ultraviolet rays from damaging your roof. If you spy black algae, don’t worry – this is purely a cosmetic issue. However, other issues including mold and lichen usually indicate that the roof is decaying.

Repair versus Replacement

Repairs make the most sense when a small fix will bring the roof back to its strong state. For example, patching up a small gap in a chimney may only cost a few bucks. Even if your repair ends up costing closer to $1,000, that is still much less than you would have to pay for a brand new roof. If something sudden happens, usually your insurance will help you handle it. However, you are going to be in charge of ensuring that nothing else damages the roof further, so do your best to put out buckets and tarp wherever needed.

Tearing off your old roofing and starting over usually costs about $3 per square foot for basic shingles. This cost goes up with more complex roofing. You might be able to add another layer onto the roof instead of starting over, but this often doesn’t last near as long as a full roof replacement, and it can also mean that your roof will look lumpy. This is not appealing to potential buyers.

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