If you are a homeowner, it’s essential for you to inspect your roof at least twice a year. Why, you ask? The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests twice per year because even the strongest of roofs can develop weaknesses over the course of six months from weather and sun damage. While you can usually do a basic inspection on your own, if you suspect that anything may not be right, call a Clarksville roofing professional from Sparks Roofing. When you have a roofer come out to your home, you might not know what exactly is going to happen during the roof inspection. We are here to let you know what you can expect!

Full Interior Roof Inspection

In order to assess the interior of your roof, the roofer will need to go into your attic to check for several possible issues. Specifically, we will check to see that your insulation is properly placed and is still working correctly. We also want to assess the ventilation and check for moisture and mold.

Full Exterior Inspection

After checking on the current state of the interior of your roof, our professional roofers will go up onto the roof to check the status of the exterior of your roof. We look for serious issues and working components on your roof, including leaks, any ice dams that may be present, the current condition of your roof’s shingles and any resulting damage, flashing surrounding the roof in the valleys, eaves, rakes, side walls, and dormers, and the chimney. Once this step is complete, we come up with a plan!

The Estimate

Once we have completed the full inspection of both the interior and exterior of your roof, we will have a good idea of what needs to be done in order to repair your roof to the condition it needs. If we believe that it is time for a full roof replacement, we will provide a full cost estimate and give you a good idea of how long your roof replacement will take.

Common Problems

Our professionals are looking for the following issues on a home:

  • Improper flashing: The flashing is essentially a leak barrier that is meant to repel ice and water. If the flashing isn’t up to standard, then it can cause serious leaks and structural damage if not found quickly.
  • Leaks: If you can see any signs of water damage or leaks on your ceiling or upper parts of your walls, that can indicate that there is a leak in your roof. This might also mean that your gutters are not working properly. We will check for gutter issues as well as roofing ones.
  • Rot and mold: When a leak starts, it can lead to rot and mold in your home. This is especially common if your wood rafters have been exposed for long periods of time.
  • Structural damage: If we see that your roof deck is sagging or that there is light getting through the roof, it can mean that it’s ready to collapse! This requires immediate action, which we would be happy to provide.
  • Shingle deterioration: whatever is happening to your shingles, if they aren’t laying flat, it’s a problem. Your shingles may be curling, loose, missing, or rotting – none of which are a good sign.
  • Gutters: If your gutters have a large number of granules from the shingles on your roof, it means that there may be some advanced wear and tear on your roof.

Contact Us

Whatever the issue may be, we know that Sparks Roofing can help your Clarksville home. Please call us today to schedule your roofing inspection. We can’t wait to help you get your roof in working order to protect you and your home.