Imagine coming home from work one day and taking a look at your roof. You notice that the shingles look a bit strange – almost like they’re curling! The bad news is, they probably are. It’s not hard to figure out that curling shingles may not be the best thing for your home. If you’re wondering why your Clarksville roofing is starting to curl, take a look at a few of the possible reasons:

Poor Ventilation

Your roof actually has a ventilation system! It works by pulling air into your the system through vents placed on the lower portions of your roof. This air that gets pulled in is circulated through higher parts of the roof. Unfortunately, if the venting is poor, extra moisture and heat will become trapped in your attic. When there is too much heat placed on the underside of a shingle, it often causes it to wear out prematurely, fade, and begin to curl. Be sure to check the ventilation of your roof that can regulate both the incoming air and the outgoing air in your attic. That way, your shingles will remain at a good temperature that can prevent them from curling.

Poor Installation

It’s probably not your fault, but you may have had someone install your roof incorrectly! Many roofing manufacturers have very strict guidelines on how to install a roof using their materials. These rules include requirements about the nail length, how many nails are needed to install one shingle, and more. Because of these regulations, it’s extremely important for homeowners to hire a contractor who is familiar with the new type of roofing. When they don’t install the roof correctly, it can cause the shingles to curl. It can even void the warranty on your roof! Also, if your roof was installed in the winter or while they were wet, this can also lead to curling.

Bad Product

Unfortunately, sometimes roofs just curl because the shingles were poorly made. Always be sure to check with your Clarksville roofing contractor about the quality of the shingles installed. The old adage rings true: “You get what you pay for!”

Installing New Shingles Over Old Shingles

Sometimes contractors will decide to install another layer of shingles of the first. However, regardless of how legal this is, it is extremely unlikely that the new shingles will align perfectly with the old ones. When they don’t align, the new shingles cannot seal correctly. This can lead to shingles flying off of your roof once a bad storm hits, or at least curling over time.

The Shingles are Old

Sometimes, it’s just time for a roof replacement! The lifespan of your shingles depends on the material and who manufactured them. However, all shingles need to be replaced once they begin to curl!

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