You’ve been spying shingles in your yard for weeks now, and the patchy parts of your roof are beginning to show. All signs point to it being time for you to install a new roof! Before you choose your Nashville roofing professional, be sure to ask these questions:

Are you licensed?

Answer you need: Yes! Most states require a roofer to be licensed, but each state is a little different. Check out the code requirements and make sure their license is up-to-date. Good news; we at Sparks Roofing are licensed and ready to work on your home!

Do you have workman’s comp insurance?

Answer you need: Yes! If an employee gets injured on the job, the blame (and the costs) can fall on you when your roofer doesn’t have workman’s comp insurance. Insurance isn’t cheap, and many companies will take a chance to avoid paying for it. Be sure you don’t end up paying thousands of dollars in medical bills for someone replacing your roof!

Do you provide a free estimate?

Answer you need: Absolutely. We’re sure you rarely go to the store and buy something without looking at the price tag. Your roofer should expect the same with such a huge investment! Make sure that your future roofers come look at your roof and give you an estimate for free. That way, you can plan accordingly for construction and savings.

Sparks Roofing knows the importance of all of these questions, which is why we are proud to answer a big “YES!” to all of them. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today to learn more! We can’t wait to give you the new roof your home deserves.