As the Top Rated Local® roofing contractor serving Nashville, we want to address some concerns regarding metal roofing. Homeowners are worried that a metal roof is too good to be true. In many cases, what you read and hear about metal roofing for your home is, in fact, true, however, we want to share with you three signs your metal roof needs repair services. In the world of roofing materials, no product is perfect. We can confidently say that what makes our material better than our competitors is how we install it. Many times, the installation is what determines how long a roof will last, all things being equal. That’s why here at Sparks Roofing, we consider this an important topic to discuss.

Watch For These Common Metal Roofing Problems

You’ve had your metal roof installed. It’s lasted a few years thus far, but you notice something odd about the metal. It’s wavy, wrinkled, or bent. Is it damaged? Do you need metal roof repair services? You’re right to ask these questions. Here are three common metal roof problems that need repair services:

Problem #1 – Oil Canning (Wavy)

Otherwise known as “wavy” metal. If your metal roof is showing signs of oil canning, your installation wasn’t done correctly. Metal becomes wavy when it’s stressed. Granted, this is a problem you can avoid, although it’s an inherent risk when choosing metal roofing. A wavy roof does not, for the most part, affect the integrity of your metal roof. It simply looks odd.

You can have the metal roof repaired with a complete roof replacement.

Problem #2 – Leaks

When you discover leaks in your metal roof, it’s most likely the fasteners. An easy fix is to find the fastener that’s leaking and, either replacing it or securing it properly. Here are some other causes of leaks that can be repaired:

  • Failed seam
  • Failed flashing
  • Failed sealant

Problem #3 – Installation Errors

The best scenario plays out with you hiring a licensed and insured roofing contractor like Sparks Roofing to install your metal roof. However, if you did not do your due diligence, you may have had your metal roof installed improperly. This can result in leaks, oil canning, corrosion, and more. Furthermore, make sure you hire the best roofing contractor you can to repair your current roof. Hiring the same person who caused the damage the first time is not advisable.

Why Choose Sparks Roofing?

Sparks Roofing has been serving the Nashville and Clarksville communities for more than 40 years. Our experience and knowledge is paired with a dedication to serve the people of the area. Not only are we Top Rated Local® roofing contractors, but we are members of the community. We’re honored to have won the Best of Robertson County Readers Choice Award for Best Roofing Company eight years running.

If you’re in need of a metal roof in Nashville or Clarksville, Sparks Roofing is here to help you. Have questions? Ready to have your metal roof repaired? Give us a call today!