Are you investing in a new roof? This is an exciting decision to make for your home, as it can completely change the appearance of your house. One of the biggest decisions you will make in terms of the aesthetic of your roof is which color you will use. 


These days, there is a wide array of colors to choose from when you select the shingles for your roof. This wealth of choice may be exciting for you, but it can also be overwhelming, particularly when you have so many other factors to consider when roof shopping. We’re here to tell you that choosing your roof color doesn’t have to be complicated if you keep these factors in mind as you decide. 

Your Climate

When it comes to choosing the color of your roof, this may be the most important factor in determining the comfort level of your home. The climate you live in will determine which shingle color makes the most sense for your needs. You may not realize it, but the color of your roof has a dramatic impact on the temperature of your attic. If you live in a hot climate, a dark roof can raise the temperature inside by up to 40 degrees! 


This is because the dark roof absorbs the sunlight. This makes it ideal for colder climates, where the dark roofs can melt the snow off of roofs. Light-colored shingles, in contrast, deflect sunlight, keeping the interior cool during the hot summer months. Given the fact that here in Nashville, we have relatively mild winters and hot summers, we usually recommend lighter colored roofs for the majority of homeowners.  

Your Home’s Color 

Of course, another important factor that will determine the color of your roof is the color of your home. This refers to the color of the siding, but you can also match your roof to the trim, stone, or bricks. Regardless, make sure your roof won’t clash with any of these other features of your home. For example, while a light blue home will look smashing with a light gray roof, a brown home would look better with a cream roof. Other colors, such as green, will be easier to match with essentially all colors. If you’re struggling to match your roof to your home, we would be happy to offer personalized suggestions. 

Your Home’s Architectural Style

Not all architectural styles look good with all colors of roof. For example, traditional homes generally look better with traditional colors. A very bold color, such as red, is going to stick out like a sore thumb on most traditional architecture. Opt for a more classic color, such as gray, when you’re putting a roof on a traditional home.

In addition, the color of your room impacts the appearance of the architecture of your home. While a light roof will make your home look larger, a dark roof will make it look smaller. 

Regardless of which color you choose, we would be happy to help you install your new roof in Nashville. Contact Tennessee’s favorite roofing company, Sparks Roofing, today for a complimentary consultation!