Even though we don’t see a lot of snow or freezing conditions in Nashville, it’s still important to check your roof before the winter! Even small issues can lead to larger ones in a matter of weeks. Here are few ways you can check on the health of your roof and prepare for the changing seasons:

  • Check your roof’s structure: By that, we mean take a good look at your roof. Does it look like it’s drooping in certain places, or does it look uneven? If so, contact a roofing professional immediately.
  • Inspect your gutters: They may be clogged with various leaves and other debris from the neighborhood. Also, check for leaks. Even a small leak in a gutter can lead to a big puddle, which can eventually lead to foundation damage.
  • Make sure your gutters are properly attached: Believe it or not, gutters aren’t always tightened as much as they should be. If they are not secure, it can lead to overflow and build-up, which often means more damage to your gutters and home.
  • Check the metal flashing: Flashing is what goes around your roof’s vents, pipes, skylights, and chimney. If the flashing isn’t secure, it can lead to roof leaks that can damage the inside of your home.

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