As the leading experts for residential roofing and gutters in Nashville and Clarksville, we are often more familiar with what’s going on in our customers’ attics than they themselves are. One thing we see a lot is attics in dire need of adequate insulation. Since it’s often an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ situation, we thought we’d share some of the consequences of poor attic insulation with you.

Energy Consumption

This is probably the most obvious result of poor insulation. After all, being able to maintain a consistent indoor temperature is the primary reason that houses need insulation. If your furnace is constantly running in the winter and your AC is doing the same thing in the summer, it’s probably time to consider replacing or adding to your existing attic insulation. You will also see higher energy bills, but if the problem has been going on for a number of years you might not even realize that they could actually be lower.

Uneven Temperatures

Inadequate insulation rarely impacts the entire house; rather, deficiencies in certain areas will affect temperatures in the rooms below. If you notice that some rooms are in your home are harder to heat or cool, it may be due to sparse insulation.

Ice Dams

When there is little to no insulation between your roofing and your ceiling, it is much easier for hot air to escape in the winter and warm your roof. This results in snow melting and flowing down to the edge of the roof, where it is no longer heated. The water then re-freezes, creating ice dams and large icicles hanging from your gutters.