As much as we would like to believe our roofs to be indestructible, it just isn’t true. Fortunately, there are roofing professionals you can call to replace your roof when things get messy. Your Nashville home may seem some rough weather ahead, so it’s best to be prepared and know what types of weather can negatively affect your roof:

High Winds

High wind can rip shingles right off your roof! Even if the wind doesn’t catch your shingles, it may catch a tree branch or two that can damage your roof. There is no way to guarantee your roof will not be damaged in the event of powerful winds, but a quality roofing contractor should be able to nail down the shingles properly. This can help minimize the chances of your roof being damaged by a storm.


We know Nashville can get pretty hot! Your roof is designed to keep out heat and withstand the constant stream of sunlight it receives. However, if your roof isn’t ventilated correctly, heat will begin to gather in your attic. This can lead to deteriorating shingles. Sparks Roofing can set up a ventilation system for your roof that will free the heat trapped in your attic without damaging your shingles.

Rain and Snow

Precipitation can damage a roof. Whether it’s snow, rain, or hail, your roof can only withstand so much. Make sure your roof’s flashing in in place and well-installed.

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