If this is your first roof installation experience, you may not know what to expect. You’re probably worried about the quality of work, how you should be treated, and what to ask if you have questions. In part one of this series, we shared what to expect about a week prior to the roofing installation start date. In this post, we’ll share what to expect during installation and post-installation. As the premiere roofing company in Nashville, Sparks Roofing is dedicated to your satisfaction when it comes to new shingle roof installation. Give us a call to get started on your project, and continue reading to learn more!

Shingle Roof Installation

The day has arrived. It’s time for your Nashville roofing contractor to get started on your roof installation. What should you expect? At Sparks Roofing, we take pride in helping our customers get the roofs they need. Here are a few things to expect from a professional roofing contractor:

Protect your valuable items around or near the business or home. This means vehicles, plants, features, and more. Do you usually park your car in the driveway or in the first parking spot near the door? Consider parking away from the home or office building to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Make sure your roofing contractor has access to the parts of your property they need to complete their job. This means side gates, front access gates, and more. Discuss this with your contractor prior to starting the project; however, if the roofer comes to you asking for access to your backyard, do not be surprised.

Communicate with the contractor any special requests before the roofers get started. For example, start and stop time every day is a special request. In most cases, roofers will work from sunup to sundown. In other cases, they will follow the neighborhood noise ordinance, working between hours that follow the law. Nonetheless, if you have a request of any kind, make sure to communicate it clearly to your contractor.

Finally, the contractor will do a walkthrough with you on the final day of installation. This will serve as a wrap up discussion. You will be able to ask questions, voice concerns, and finalize any payments, contracts, and more.

Post Roofing Installation

The week after your roofing installation, a few things will happen. The first is that the dumpster will be picked up. If you didn’t give the contractor the final payment during walkthrough, you will setup a meeting for the payment to be given post roofing installation. Finally, your contractor will help you register your roofing warranty, if you’ve purchased one.

The 40-year Roofing Experts In Nashville

A new roof is a long term investment, and Sparks Roofing wants you to be prepared for the entire process. As the premiere roofing company in Nashville, we know what it takes to satisfy our customers’ needs. Give us a call today to get started on your roofing project.

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