1. Common Gutter Guard Myths

    Let’s say you’ve been needing new gutters for a while now and you decide to hire professionals to replace them. That’s wonderful! Now you get to plan ahead on how you will be taking care of your new gutters and preventing a quick replacement. Many people turn to gutter guards! Here are few myths we would like to bust about gutter guards. Myth: If you don’t have trees, you don’t need gutt…Read More

  2. What are Seamless Gutters?

    What are Seamless Gutters? Many people don’t know the difference between seamless gutters and regular gutters, which is why we are here to help! Gutters are typically massed produced in sections. Homeowners take these sections, line them on the roof, and attach them together with some form of sealant. This is a perfectly effective method! However, seamless gutters are designed to run the length …Read More

  3. How to Tell When Your Gutters Should be Replaced

    Your gutters may be giving you grief, but how do you know when they just need basic repair or when they need to be replaced entirely? Read on for answers! What signs should I look for before replacing my gutters? If your gutters have sprung leaks in the corners, that might be your first sign. Also, be sure to check for water stains or rust in metal gutters. Rust is a definite sign that you need re…Read More

  4. Beware Water Near Your Home’s Foundation!

    If you’re a new homeowner in the Nashville or Clarksville area, you’re probably just beginning to learn about all the things you must do to keep your home safe and looking great. If there’s one lesson that the roofing contractors of Sparks Roofing can impart, it’s that water is no joke. Of course you know you don’t want water getting into your home, but water accumulating near the buildi…Read More