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  1. How To Avoid Nightmare Roofing Contractors

    The cost of a new roof can be slightly daunting. It’s a big investment to trust to a professional you don’t even know. You’ve probably heard of roofing contractor nightmares from friends, family, or colleagues. So how do you avoid the horror that are unprofessional roofers in Nashville? The process is relatively simple, and we’re going to share it with you today in this blog post. At Spark…Read More

  2. Classic Southern Architecture Styles

    The American South has always done things a little differently. We move a little slower, we’re a little more polite, and we like our homes to look a certain way. Yes, architecture in the South is just as unique as the people living there. Sparks Roofing has worked on a wide variety of roofs on a wide variety of homes. From quaint ranch style homes to stately Plantation styles, we’ve seen it al…Read More

  3. Matching Your New Roof To Your Home

    When we think about roof replacements, we’re often concerned more with the right material, the right cost, and the right roofing company. Adding one more consideration can seem overwhelming, especially when it’s something as seemingly trivial as the color of your new roof. Lucky for you, we’re here to address all of your concerns. As the greater Nashville Area’s Top Rated Local® roofing c…Read More

  4. What to Expect During a Roof Replacement

    Nearly every property owner will be faced with the task of replacing a roof at some point or another. While the thought of dealing with a roof replacement might be overwhelming and stressful, we want to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. If you are ready to start thinking about a full roofing replacement, you’re in the right place. Contact Sparks Roofing! We would be happy to hel…Read More

  5. Summer Storms Can Damage Your Roof!

    Summer is one of the best times of year. School is out, there are tons of summer activities to enjoy, and it’s a great time to do any repair work needed on your home. Your home has been built to handle a lot of pressure and winds from the elements, but nothing can last forever. Even though summer storms may be rare in Nashville, they can still cause some issues for roofs. Today, we have listed t…Read More

  6. How to Check Your Roof for Damage

    Even though we don’t see a lot of snow or freezing conditions in Nashville, it’s still important to check your roof before the winter! Even small issues can lead to larger ones in a matter of weeks. Here are few ways you can check on the health of your roof and prepare for the changing seasons: Check your roof’s structure: By that, we mean take a good look at your roof. Does it look like it…Read More

  7. 3 Questions Every Roofer Should be Able to Answer

    You’ve been spying shingles in your yard for weeks now, and the patchy parts of your roof are beginning to show. All signs point to it being time for you to install a new roof! Before you choose your Nashville roofing professional, be sure to ask these questions: Are you licensed? Answer you need: Yes! Most states require a roofer to be licensed, but each state is a little different. Check out t…Read More

  8. When Hail Strikes

    Nashville gets its occasional hailstorms, so it’s important to be prepared for when hail strikes! Everyone knows that hail can bring serious damage and dents to cars and windows, but did you know that hail can seriously damage your roof? In fact, it can damage your roof in several different ways. Hail Damage Wind - The wind from a hailstorm can sometimes be enough to damage your roof. When the w…Read More

  9. What Damages My Roof?

    As much as we would like to believe our roofs to be indestructible, it just isn’t true. Fortunately, there are roofing professionals you can call to replace your roof when things get messy. Your Nashville home may seem some rough weather ahead, so it’s best to be prepared and know what types of weather can negatively affect your roof: High Winds High wind can rip shingles right off your roof! …Read More

  10. Asphalt or Metal Roofing?

    You’ve been noticing tiles from your roof ending up in the front yard and now there’s a leak coming from the ceiling in your home. It’s official: you need a new roof. Once you’ve settled on the fact you need to get a replacement, you need to decide what material you will choose. The two most popular choices for roofing material are asphalt shingles and metal shingles. Take a look at the pr…Read More