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  1. The Crucial Role Of Attic Insulation

    As the leading experts for residential roofing and gutters in Nashville and Clarksville, we are often more familiar with what’s going on in our customers’ attics than they themselves are. One thing we see a lot is attics in dire need of adequate insulation. Since it’s often an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ situation, we thought we’d share some of the consequences of poor attic insulation…Read More

  2. Avoiding A Wavy Roof

    Have you noticed that your shingle roof has a “wavy” appearance? You might think it’s just an indication that it’s time for a roof replacement, but even brand new roofing can have this problem. If your roofing contractors don’t keep a careful eye on the plywood sheathing beneath the shingles, new shingles could actually make a wavy roof all the more noticeable. So what causes wavy roofin…Read More